Referer How To

Ideas for referral program members to generate referrals to

Filter our headlines and offer email, blog, webpage, widget, etc. of arranged links to our page /articles, with code. Share your filtered links to other sites for them to make a referral, earning them and you $$

RSS Reader operators offer our links as default options for their users, generating significant revenues they make via advertising.

Email news alert and keyword search services default to our links earning click-through revenues for them.

Post article links in your blog and in your RSS feed. Also consider linking ticker symbols to our ticker symbol tag page.

Provide link to listings of financial sites from large to small for them to target.

Contact group owners and group manager for LinkedIn groups. Message they message all members weekly, tell them to recruit, and you get the override for recruiting the referrer.

Use applications, widgets, RSS readers, Skype, etc.

Download your LinkedIn contacts and utilize the Mozilla Thunderbird mail merge application to contact your friend the custom email. Throttle the emails so that you don't get caught for spam

Write an article or blog post about the program linking to us with your coded link.

Share your idea of how to promote referrals to the Stockbloghub with the rest of the community by emailing here are posting comments

Keep referrals coming back to you to keep them alive.

Post on relevant online discussions. Remember our no spam policy

Favorite your sites in profiles on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Yahoo profiles etc. and make sure that you link to us with your referrer number

Facebook status with a link to an article you like with your referrer number in it

Large medium financial businesses and websites under you using your Rolodex

Search out email newsletters and put small text ads or links as a curious story with your referrer number, as well as recruiting the owners of these email newsletters underneath you.

Do you know any friends with large twitter Facebook or email lists, there are plenty of them. Bite them into the program

Contact largest business Facebook pages used for lookup busiest Twitter accounts.

Create your own blog send press release.

Create your own widget

Link at the bottom of each post with ticker symbol to our tag page

Use LinkedIn groups or any other group out there that you may be familiar with in the investing world tell them about program have them join up

Use Twitter hashtags #

Use automatically scheduled tweets

Create various Facebook groups

Network with industry websites that have bulletin boards

Write articles or blog postings about our articles, providing coded link within body.

Use Yahoo pipes to amend their username / append their user name and number to the end of the URLs for our feed and paste that feed into their widget as an RSS feed would normally be posted on any blog

All types of related Email alerts from all websites / brokers /

Facebook, etc. (Google Alerts / Yahoo! Alerts)

ISPs on Start Pages

Offline sources - magazines, drink cans, etc.

Wall Street On Demand

Twitter users interested in investing searched on Twellow and other directories. Let them know about the program